Your strike point

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Being able to strike pure mid irons will set up more birdies chances, so here are a few tips

Good mid-iron play will unlock your birdie potential. However, if your striking is slightly off, a small loss of distance will leave you struggling to save par. Striking your irons as consistently as possible is important for every golfer - here's a good way of checking whether slight mis-hits are costing you shots.

​Get some tape and stick it to the face of a your 8-iron. Now hit a handful of shots. The tape will highlight your strike pattern offering some important clues about your game. If you are hitting the ball slightly from the toe or heel (as shown here), you'll be giving up on a little distance.

New irons fitting

If you feel that your iron striking is off, please come into the pro shop and see me. A lesson might be the best way to resolve some issues in your game and get you back on track. Alternatively, we have a range of different iron models to try with the latest technology including some designed to forgive these mis-hits. It may also be that your set is not the right fit for you. Custom fitting will help you find irons that are the right length and that have the correct lie angle and shaft for your game. These are all very important so please ask for advice if you are unsure.