Shape your shots

Published In: Iron Play

Being able to shape shots will help your understanding of the golf swing and make you a better player

You might think the ability to hit fades and draws is something that only the best amateurs and professionals need to worry about. Whether or not you chose to use these shots out on the course, developing a feel for how to play them will give you a fantastic insight into how your swing path and clubface angle affect ball flight. Inevitably, there will also be one or two instances when trees or other objects get in the way and the ability to hit a fade or a draw will prove invaluable. So whatever your handicap, it is definitely worth dedicating some time to in practice.

The simple principle you need to understand is that the clubface angle determines where the ball flight starts and the swing path influences the curve of the shot. It is the difference between these two angles that will create the draw or the fade that you are looking for.

For a fade, aim the clubface just left of the target but set your body up aiming well to the left of the target. As you make a normal swing along the line of your body, the shots should start to the left and gently shape right through the air.

The opposite applies for a draw. Aim your clubface just right of your final target but set your body up aiming well to the right. From here, just make a normal swing and you should notice the ball shape right-to-left through the air.