Why pushes and hooks are linked

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Why pushes and hooks are part of the same family of shots and how understanding this can help you

Pushes and hooks are part of the same family of shots and they stem from the way in which the club travels through impact. Let's presume that you have taken a good set up position and are nicely aligned. As the club works through the downswing, it attacks the ball from too far inside the ball-to-target line. If the face of the club is square to the swing path, you will hit a straight push that finishes well to the right of the target. If the face is pointing at the target at impact, a low hook that swings viciously left is the likely outcome.

For any ambitious golfer, it is important to understand why you are hitting certain shots. The root cause of the problem in this instance could be a range of different things and identifying where it is coming from and putting it right is essential. Please come into the pro shop and book a lesson if you are struggling with pushes or hooks as I guarantee that trying to play through the problem will only do more harm than good.